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Welcome to the NHES Counseling Page!!


 School counseling focuses on personal/social areas, academic areas, and career exploration.  These areas are covered in weekly guidance classes, through small groups, and individual counseling. 


Shout Out's

Student/Teacher Shout Out's will be placed in the Counselor's Shout Out Box when a student/teacher experiences an act of kindness or witnesses kind acts toward others. The shout out's are read every Friday during morning announcements.  The shout outs are anonymously filled out for the person who showed kindness along with a brief statement about the kindness expressed.  Please encourage your students to show kindness and respect to everyone without expecting anything in return. The goal is to have students paying it forward without even thinking twice.

Needs Assessments for Parent s

This assessment can be found on the links page. Please take a moment to fill it out and provide feedback to help us meet the needs of all students through our Counseling Program at NHES. We appreciate and value your support and comments.  

Understanding ACT ASPIRE Results

Please visit the Links page to better understand what your child's results mean for him or her.  It will also provide an understanding of what this means for your child to become College and Career Ready.


Small Group Information

 As a component of our Counseling Program, small group sessions on various topics will be offered to the students throughout the year. These topics will focus on various life skills such as friendship, self-control, anger management, social skills, grief, building academic success, etc.. in which students may participate and benefit from the support of their group members.  However, in order for a student to participate in a small group opportunity the parent/guardian must give written permission. Permission forms can be found on the forms page.


Note:  Students can be referred to the counselor through self request, parent/guardian, and/or teacher referral. Please do not hesitate to contact me with with any questions or concerns.